Prolozone Therapy

Pain Relief

“Prolo” is the Greek word for regeneration. Prolozone therapy is a system of injecting ozone and other medications and nutrients into damaged or painful areas of the body.

Prolozone is a comprehensive injection technique involving procaine, steroids, alkaline bicarbonate, glucose, nutrients, and oxygen. This multifaceted approach addresses various aspects of tissue healing and regeneration. Procaine plays a role in re-polarizing injured cell membranes and enhancing circulation, while steroids effectively reduce inflammation and edema. Bicarbonate reverses acidosis, glucose provides essential mitochondrial substrate, and B vitamins improve glucose utilization. Ozone, a key component, not only stimulates circulation and enhances oxygen utilization but also activates cytokines and directly targets harmful microbes, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Boost Your Immunity

Prolozone decreases pain and regenerates tissues.

Boost Your Immunity

If it hurts, Prolozone can be helpful.

Boost Your Immunity

Beginning and advanced hands-on courses are available.

What Causes Pain?

Anatomical constraints can lead to poor circulation in ligaments and joints, and the aging process exacerbates this circulatory decline. Additionally, trauma can induce localized edema, inflammation, and depolarized membranes, further diminishing circulation in the affected area. Reduced circulation stemming from trauma leads to a subsequent decrease in local oxygen utilization due to impaired oxygen and nutrient delivery. This, in turn, results in heightened localized acidosis, increased production of free radicals, and susceptibility to infection, perpetuating a painful cycle of injury.

The value of Prolozone is that it results in a correction of the pathology of the disorder. About 75% of chronic pain sufferers who undergo this therapy become permanently pain-free.

Boost Your Immunity

Immediate reduction in pain

Boost Your Immunity

Stimulation of tissue regeneration

Boost Your Immunity

Potential for long-term resolution pain

What to expect after getting Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone therapy offers several compelling benefits, including an immediate reduction in pain, stimulation of soft and hard tissue regeneration, and the potential for long-term resolution of chronic injuries and degenerative conditions. While the response to treatment may vary among individuals, many find relief with just 3 to 5 sessions. Importantly, this therapy is typically associated with no discomfort and no reported side effects, making it an attractive option for those seeking effective pain relief and tissue regeneration.

Areas for Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone Therapy FAQs

What is Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone Therapy is a minimally invasive medical technique that involves the injection of a mixture of natural substances, including ozone, into injured or degenerated tissues. This therapy is designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and promote tissue regeneration.

How does Prolozone Therapy work?
Prolozone Therapy works by delivering a combination of procaine, steroids, bicarbonate, glucose, nutrients, and oxygen to the targeted area. These substances help re-polarize injured cell membranes, reduce inflammation, reverse acidosis, provide essential nutrients, and stimulate circulation and oxygen utilization, ultimately promoting healing and tissue regeneration.
What conditions can Prolozone Therapy treat?

Prolozone Therapy can effectively address a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, joint and ligament injuries, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, and even some degenerative processes. It is especially beneficial for musculoskeletal issues.

Is Prolozone Therapy Painful?
Most patients report minimal discomfort during the treatment. The inclusion of procaine in the mixture helps to alleviate pain and make the procedure well-tolerated.
How many treatments are typically needed?
The number of treatments required can vary depending on the individual and the specific condition being treated. However, many people experience significant relief with just 3 to 5 treatment sessions.
Are there any side effects or risks associated with Prolozone Therapy?
Prolozone Therapy is generally considered safe with minimal side effects reported. It’s essential to have the treatment administered by a qualified and experienced healthcare professional to ensure its safety and effectiveness.
Is Prolozone Therapy a cure for chronic conditions?

While Prolozone Therapy can provide long-term relief and tissue regeneration for many chronic injuries and degenerative processes, the extent of improvement may vary among individuals. It can be a highly effective treatment option, but the term “cure” may not apply to all cases.

How soon can I expect to feel the benefits of Prolozone Therapy?
Many patients experience an immediate reduction in pain following the treatment. Soft and hard tissue regeneration may take some time, and the full benefits can continue to manifest in the weeks and months following the procedure.
Where can I find a qualified practitioner for Prolozone Therapy?
Here at Serene IV Infusions and Wellness Lounge, our team of healthcare professionals is trained and experienced in Prolozone Therapy to ensure a safe and effective treatment.